Courier exchange: is a true freight exchange, which means it is possible to advertise available freight space or to look for it. The result: you get an immediate overview, so that you may instantly respond to the requirements of your customers. Additionally you can also advertise freights and to search for it.

Overview: All vehicles, which are reported as being in your post code area, are always shown in real time on the start page. This means, you can immediately see - without having to enter any search criteria - which vehicles are presently free in your area.

Routes: You are able to input routes so that your vehicle is offered to all immediate partners during the complete, also return journey.

Procurement: In order to execute procurement orders without delay, you can search for free vehicles in any post code area. Alternatively you can view the appropriate partners of a certain area on screen.

Jobs online: In you will find a form with which you can transfer orders online to the relevant partner. As a contractor, here you are also able to confirm the order as well as to input several status messages.

Appraisal system: offers an appraisal system to ensure high quality as a basis for partners being able to work with each other in mutual trust. Using this feature, contractors and consignors have the opportunity to appraise each other on the basis of the orders.

Working together: We, Hierl & Müller OHG as the operator of, focus especially on creating and maintaining close contacts with our users on a partnership basis. In this way can be seen to be a busy market place offering an attractive, high quality service for all subscribers in connection with several additional services.



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